Applicant Organization and Grant receiver

STROJCAR, s.r.o.  

STROJCAR s.r.o. is Czech manufacturing company engaged in precise machining with CNC milling machines and metal sheet stamping mainly for the development departments of car manufacturers and for the aircraft industry. Company provides supplies of pressing tools for intricate and dimensional parts pressing operation.

Company’s customers are development departments of car manufacturers, suppliers to the car industry, aircraft manufacturers, and others. We possess certificate ISO 9001:2000.

The company STROJCAR s.r.o. has reached a position of a high-quality and reliable supplier to the car and aircraft industries during the time of its existence (Boeing, Airbus, Embraer etc.). It banks on high professionalism, skills and experience of a team of top specialists as well as on modern technologies, which creates preconditions of the future growth of competitive ability and quality of production with the objective to increase the satisfaction of our customers continuously.


Project Partners:

DC VISION, s. r. o.

DC VISION is a professional services company operating in strategy management, change management, innovation management, sales and marketing development, and project management. Since 1997 this small company has realized more than 100 projects in the field of HR, change management, project management and implementation of lean management.

DC VISION is active in consulting to regional authorities in projects supporting labour employment. DC VISION has implemented many projects in the area of HR development focused on better effectiveness of the employment policy and prevention of the long term unemployment. Projects such as Requalification Center for the precision processing for the unemployed people from the Moravian-Silesian Region, Training courses for the lectors for the programming of the CNC machines or the Project Labour Pool are perfect examples of these activities. DC VISION is also involved in large training projects for SMEs and multinational companies.


School Centre Ptuj

School Center Ptuj (SC Ptuj) has 5 pedagogical independent schools regarding secondary vocational education in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrotechnology, agriculture and economics. At the higher professional school, it offers post-secondary education in the fields of mechatronics, agriculture and economics. With its long tradition in the field of vocational education, SC Ptuj has been aware of the above mentioned problems for many years. SC Ptuj is in contact with companies from wider and local environment and is thus in a constant contact with the problems of the companies regarding the lack of the work force in certain areas, which in a way endangers certain branches and consequently also the competitiveness of the companies. SC Ptuj wants to contribute in this project to the long-term increase of the attraction of vocational training and with this also indirectly increase the rise of the economic growth in the branches where certain occupations are in shortage.


ZTS - Technology Center Region of Riesa - Grossenhain Ltd.

The ZTS-Center of technology structure development region Riesa-Grossenhain Ltd. is the operator company of the technology-orientated founder centre (TGZ) of the administrative district Meissen in Saxony.

Tasks/aims and main emphases:

Improvement in the social and economic structure of the administrative district Meissen with a specific support of the particular improvement of the technology structure about transfer of technology, advice and education projects as well as the settlement and support of technology oriented founders of new business and new technologies in the TGZ and in the region.

Support of innovative projects in SME’s in this region and Saxony particular in new technologies.

Development of innovative energy technology. Operation of the first solar air conditioning in Germany.

Operation of a 3D – Laserapplications and demonstration centre.

ZTS also offers a wide range further educational activities and training in the area of new technologies and developments.


Retraining Centre Opava, s.r.o.

Retraining Centre Opava s.r.o. (RCO) has been established as an educational firm focusing on the production and on-the-job training for CNC technicians. Since 2007, Retraining centre Opava focuses on production of small series of products for automotive and aircraft industries, especially for Airbus and Boeing in partnership with other Czech production companies. The production is becoming substantially bigger part of its activities and the role in the project is focused on practical testing of project results.