The project focuses on the development of interdisciplinary competences and skills of personnel in the technical professions. The course “mechatronics” combines the vocational skills in mechanics and electronics. The partners intend to support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems via the development and transfer of a new add-on training module focused on biomechatronics, more specific on the use of interdisciplinary competences in the sector of medical devices.

The partners intend to improve the quality and to increase the volume of co-operation not only between training institutions, but also between the producers within different and intersectoral fields. Reflecting the research supported by the European Commission INNOVA EUROPE (2007, Framework Programme 6), the most innovative enterprises are statistically between different sectors. The Czech machinery companies are mostly focused on the automotive sector and the combination of mechanics and electronics should open new perspectives for the companies. The bio-addon module should inspire the marketing departments to look for new market segments, to recruit more experts with experiences in other disciplines.

The aim of the project is to transfer the know-how on mechatronics courses from Slovenia to the Czech Republic and to adapt it to the local conditions.

Project Duration

1st of October 2010 – 30th of September 2012 

The aim of the project is to transfer the know-how on mechatronics courses from Slovenia and to adapt it to the particular requirements of the employers of the regions participating in the project from the Czech Republic and Germany and make it accessible for students and employees in form of e-learning application and to develop new modules on Biomechatronics as discipline opening new markets and providing new customers to the local companies.

The specific objectives of the project:

- To convert the Slovenian model into a Czech course. The experiences of the Slovenian and German partners are needed to select the practical parts of the mechatronics course and support the Czech partners to setup the training. 

- To develop a specific add-on course for biomechatronics focused on the use of mechatronics profession in the medical devices sector.

- To obtain the Czech accreditation for the course for life-long learning for adults.

- E-learning platform supporting individual approach for students and employees (coach based classrooms) and on-line 24 hour learning support to the participants.


Target group/Beneficiaries

  • Employees of SMEs in machinery,
  • Students of the technical schools,
  • Trainees at school,
  • Redundant people,
  • SME managers,
  • Educational institutions,
  • Trainers.